Half Penny Steps

Half Penny Steps

Exceeding hypertension QOF targets for Half Penny Steps Health Centre

Part of North West London ICB, Half Penny Steps enlisted Suvera to support hypertension management and boost QOF performance. As a result of the partnership, the practice achieved unprecedented results. 

Empowering patients

Half Penny Steps serves a diverse population of 6000 patients with high levels of deprivation in the surrounding area. A key goal for the service was achievement in HYP 003/007 QOF indicators, in which the practice had previously achieved 62%. 

Suvera delivered a virtual clinic, combining workforce support, care coordination and delivery in an all-in-one solution. Patients were empowered to engage in condition management through the Suvera app. Working as an extension of the practice, the Suvera care team took on end-to-end management of hypertensive patients, including medication and care plan review as well as prescribing and monitoring. 

85% QOF

target achievement on average in key hypertension indicators

Suvera are an exceptional clinical service to support our long-term condition registers. Most importantly, our patients are well looked after and giving great feedback on their user experience with Suvera, whilst we are achieving better than ever core performance indicator targets. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Suvera solution to practices looking for innovative ways to increase clinical capacity and provide better health.”

Dr Earim Chaudry, GP Partner & Clinical Director, Half Penny Steps Health Centre (NWL ICB)

Improving outcomes

The service has helped to streamline care coordination for this patient cohort and provided additional chronic care capacity. And by taking care of tasks like patient outreach and collation of condition data, the clinic also helps to free up in-practice resource.  

Most of all, patients have shared positive experiences and the practice is seeing better health outcomes. The result? Suvera helped deliver an average 85% target achievement, far surpassing previous performance.

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