Webinar: Maximising the efficiency of ARRS roles

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Webinar: Maximising the efficiency of ARRS roles

Suvera's Partnerships Lead, Principal GP and PCN Digital Lead Dr Nausheen Hameed, recently hosted an insightful and informative session, exploring how primary care organisations can maximise the deployment and efficiency of ARRS roles.

Dr Hameed was joined by Raj Gill, a Physician Associate Partner at Bloomsbury Surgery and the Workforce Lead at Central Camden PCN; Hani Mohammed, Digital & Transformation Lead at Barnet Primary Care Network; and our very own Amit Bhanderi, a Clinical Pharmacist at Suvera with over 10 years' extensive clinical experience in general practice and community pharmacy.

In this webinar, they discuss the roles of Physician Associates, Pharmacists and Digital Transformation Leads in relation to the efficient and effective deployment of the ARRS budget. They cover the roles themselves, the benefits of their utilisation and how the roles can be funded.

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