Our second anniversary

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Our second anniversary

Last weekend, on 1st October 2021 Suvera celebrated its second anniversary. Our founder, Ivan Beckley reflects on the good, bad and ugly from the first two years of Suvera.

Two years ago, when Will and I incorporated the company, we believed we could start an organisation that would use technology in a human way to improve people's lives.

Until then, we'd worked in some of the best organisations building health tech but believed we could do more. As much as we may have said otherwise, we didn't know what we would become. We just knew we wanted to get started. And started we did.

In the first year, Will and I had no idea what we were doing. At some point, we realised we had to build a team to really get started. Two medics alone could only go so far!

I luckily had two people at the top of my list to get on board. I'd met Ryz and Diana many years before starting Suvera, and they'd left an impression on me. Within their respective disciplines, they were good at what they did and cared too.

Over the years I'd known them, they'd both shown a desire to be the best at what they did. Design and tech were equally important to me, as the companies that have had the most impact on our lives have leveraged both in almost equal measure. I wanted Suvera to be one of those companies.

Many conversations later, Ryz and Diana agreed to join the company as co-founders. So this is how we began! Four co-founders, a set of assumptions loosely tested and an ambition to change healthcare as we know it today.

Two years on, having started the company while at medical school and during a global pandemic, Suvera has evolved into a healthcare company in every sense of the world.

We're a highly diverse team of over 15 people from over five nationalities, located across three continents, across every discipline you might expect - from operations to design to engineering.

We actively support over 3 thousand patients in primary care today. And have been building technology and processes to provide healthcare at scale. At our core, we enable proactive care for patients with multiple long-term conditions. Our mission is to keep people in good health. Who would have thought we would end up where we are today? But here we are.

There is so much I've left out from what the last two years of starting and running Suvera have been like. But what I can say is that we are building the foundations of something extraordinary.

“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”― Desmond Tutu

To everyone who has helped us get this far - thank you!

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